Tuesday, August 16, 2005


The Big Summer Movie Season is almost over but guess what? The Fall Movie Season is, I believe, just around the corner, so it's okay! A lot of these movies are important because they are eligible for "Oscar." Good luck to all of them! I am excited!

The Rent - Everybody hates paying the rent - when they do, they want to sing the blues! That's what this one is about. It was a hit Broadway play and I saw it in Toronto THREE TIMES and I am super excited for the movie. There are tough times in life, but if you have friends and love to sing the blues and dance around and have timechanges then it will be okay!

A Constant Gardener
- What's up with this guy, he's always at it with the weeds and such. Snoozey!

Jennifer Aniston's Movie - I know she has one, I don't know what it is called, but I will go see it, because I do not think it was "cool" for Mr. Cool Brad Pitt to leave her at the altar for the freaky slutty one who drank Sling Blade's blood and has an army in China or what-have-you. That was mean! Let's all support Jen and go see this one, okay!!!???? Trivia: Jennifer Aniston played "Rache" on the Friends TV Show.

New Henry Porter!!!!!! - The wait will soon be over and we will get to see Henry and all his friends at the wizard school flying around and looking in boxes and such. One thing, however, is that nobody should look at the little girl (Hermeneme!) when she is in the movie because she is going through special Timechanges and it would not be right, so no matter how much you want to look at her DO NOT LOOK AT HER!!!!

Elizabeth's Town - Somebody dies and a sad young man meets a girl who teaches him how to use the telephone? The girl, Elizabeth, also has a town. This one has already been out, I believe, and Princess Leia was in it, also the doctor from that show. There was a hole and they screamed in the hole. Anyhow it's coming out again and I am excited!!!!!!!!

The Million Dollar Baby
- Has this one come out already? In it, I believe Dirty Harry has a baby and he sells it for a million dollars, then the baby gets brain damaged and Dirty Harry has to sit on it with a pillow - sad!

See you at the movies!
Yours truly, Neal Anderson


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