Monday, May 16, 2005

MOVIETIME with Idiot Boy Neal Anderson: #6

Hello movie fans! Okay, first things first, I am not in the line up for New Stars Wars anymore. You can read why in the new exciting blogger that is The Timechanges Blogger. I will still go see it as soon as it comes out just no more weirdo line up stuff for me - It is back to plain jane everyday old fashioned movies for this movie buff! And there are a ton of neat ones coming at you this week!!!

Number one in my books has got to be The Monster in Law. This one looks scary, but also, funny. In it the old lady and the Hispanic booty shaker fight, I believe, a monster, and maybe they go to jail. Is it funny? I loved it. This old one, I do not know who she is, but she is Hollywood royalty, and every where she goes she gets spit on in her la-di-dah fur coats – that’s no way to treat the Queen of Hollywood, no matter how old she is. They fight it up, too, the Hispanic and the old coot, and then, I believe, they fight the monster. This one, it is a real good one, and I think it will be boffo at the box office. HOLLYWOOD TRIVIA: The Hispanic once dated a black mobster!!!! Also, the blind boy who is best friends with the mathematician.

ALSO!!! The Mind Hunter!!!!!! This is another shock-o-thriller for fans of The Six Senses and that kind of thing, mental tension and whatnot. It is about FBI agents who use their special mental powers to psyche each other out. Who is in it? A rapper, some party boys, a lady and such. It looks great. I really like this one. I think it has an amazing twist ending, I will be all like “I don’t understand what happened!” Those are the best.

ALSO!!! A funny one for the comedy lovers, Kicking is Screaming. The guy from Saturday Night Live “looks mahhhvelous” in this one. It is about sports, and it has Mrs. Tom Cruise as a beautiful witch. Funny!

ALSO!!! If you are like me and love to watch foreign films, you should not miss Un-leashable. A Chinese boy, in China, is raised in slavery. That is so sad. When he is a man, he becomes violent, and they have to kill him because he is like a dog, even though he has learned karate. There is the Shawshank man in this movie, but sadly he has gone blind like the latina’s old boyfriend so I do not think he will be a good actor anymore, because there is no way for him to learn his lines. WE MUST FIND A CURE FOR BLINDNESS! And also, you can do a good thing and read a blind person this blogger, it will brighten their day. You can also do even better and take them to the movies! They will not be able to see anything, but they will get a popcorn and have fun just being out of the house. See you at the movies!

Yours Truly, Neal Anderson


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