Monday, May 30, 2005

Der Film Bone

Another interview with director S.W. Owen has found its way into the wooly world of internet film-theory round-ups, this one courtesy of Germany's Der Film Bone. Arns Kielbander talks with Owen about Apartment Complex, Hep 2 Video & the upcoming film adaptation of Johnny Idaho.

You are making too many movies, no?
S.W. OWEN: Well... I keep busy, I suppose.
AK: It's hot.
SWO: In here? The air conditioning is on...
AK: It's too hot. I'm going to take off my shirt.
SWO: ...Okay.
AK: Why is Apartment Complex not out yet in Germany? I hear it is disgusting!
SWO: Well, psychologically speaking, maybe. It's actually not out anywhere. I screened a work-in-progress a while back, but the new cut just got finished, and I'm just now submitting it to--
AK: I must see it. It's about a koo koo man?
SWO: It's a diary film, working with Polanskian tropes. I guess I do go a little koo koo in it...
AK: Koo Koo like Tom Cruise!
SWO: Well...
AK: Excellent. Tom Cruise is atrocious!
SWO: Yes, but Tom Cruise is a big star, and the character in this movie is not. He's somebody who wants to be an artist, who has the enthusiasm, but can't articulate what he--
AK: It sounds very retro.
SWO: Well...
AK: Very 2001.
SWO: Not the Kubrick...
AK: Ach! No, the year...
SWO: Oh... Well, I guess...
AK: You know what film I am feeling very, very excited for? The new Batman!
SWO: Yeeeah, I don't know...
AK: Why not make a film like this? That everyone will want to see and will be released all over the world?
SWO: I would like to, of course, but in terms of the financing available to me...
AK: I think it looks like a rollicking good time, and very high caliber, you know, the production values. Not so dirty!
SWO: Yeah, I guess I've been pretty interested in dirty video, and the ugliness of that image, but maybe, also, certain kinds of beauty and poetry which can emerge from that ugliness...
AK: This is not like Batman at all!
SWO: No, I guess not.
AK: It's so sad. Why do you do it?
SWO: Do what?
AK: Make your ugly little movies?
SWO: I don't... Are you asking me---
AK: Why always with the dirty, ugly little videos? Why not something like the Batman?
SWO: Well, The Hep 2 Video work... it doesn't represent the full scope of what I'm interested in, thematically, cinematically. I have plans to release that body of work on DVD, and then move on... This Johnny Idaho thing...
AK: Ach! The detective!
SWO: Right...
AK: A bit more of the Batman, a little bit less of the uglies?
SWO: I suppose. I'll be shooting that this summer, and it's going to be--
AK: This makes sense to me. Enough with the uglies, more of the Batman!
SWO: I don't know.
AK: You disappoint me.

Johnny Idaho's The Dead Don't Die will be premiering at this November's Hi-Class Picture Show. Apartment Complex is currently being rejected by film festivals all over the globe. Hep 2 Video: The Collected Works will be released on DVD this winter.


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