Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Krangor Diaries

(Editor’s Note: Since the summer of 2001, Mark Slutsky has been obsessed with Krangor: Legend of the Galaxy, his proposed big-budget, effects-heavy sci-fi extravaganza about a pair of spaceships who wed at the centre of the galaxy. Obviously a production of this nature requires considerable time and resources, and Slutsky’s continuing struggle to realize this dream project has been the focus of The Krangor Diaries, special to Screen Test.)

April 6, 2005 Dear Diary: It has been seven long months since we last spoke. So much has happened in between that I do not even know where to start! I could tell you about the amazing progress I've made on the Krangor script. I could tell you about all of the incredible artists I have signed on to the project--artists who, in the media of sculpture, artistic drawing, and music, will help me realize my goals in ways I'd never previously imagine. Or, I could just start with the most exciting news of all...

The studio has greenlit Krangor!!!

It's true! Krangor is actually happening! I've waited for this day so long, dear diary, I barely know how to contain my excitement. Dearest diary, you're going to be seeing a lot more action in the months to come, I can tell you that. I will be sharing the most intimate secrets of the Krangor saga with you, as always, but oh, how there will be so much more to tell! Seth W. Owen, my good friend and confidant, has signed on as producer, and I have no doubt his sage advice will lead us on to greater and greater heights. These spaceships are going to get married, and how!

Oh boy, and how!


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