Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Reduce, Reuse, Remake

There is no denying the power of success and in Hollywood that goes double. So for all of you who bitch and moan each time a classic film is remade it's time to wake-up and smell the BO (box-office,) these movies make money. And you know what that means? It's time for Automatic Vaudeville to get into the mix. With the Guess Who's Coming To Dinner remake, elegantly titled Guess Who, dominating the box office here are some more classic movies ripe for the picking. What about a re-imagining of Cool Hand Luke simply titled Cool Hand. Or the Lubitsch classic To Be Or Not To Be remade as the more positive To Be. Maybe Billy Wilder's comedy classic can now be the more inclusive Some Like It. And maybe George Clooney could take on the Gary Cooper role in the classic western Noon. What if Michael Bay got behind the camera to reinterpret the Hitchcock classic North. Maybe Cate Blanchett can reprise her role as Kathrine Hepburn in a remake of the Howard Hawks classic Up Baby. They don't all have to be old movies, though. Why not remake Scorsese's 1990 gangster film Fellas. Or Oscar favorite Finding (either Nemo or Neverland.) The list is endless. The point is these remakes should not be looked down upon. They are simply celebrating our living memory and, most important of all, they get people talking. So I say keep the remake alive. Now if you'll excuse me I'm busy remaking Ashton Kutcher's film debut, Dude Where.


Mark Slutsky said...

This is just a test.

3:11 PM  
thugz said...

Cool comment, Mark

3:23 PM  

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