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Passion. Betrayal. The mad frenzy of the literary "scene." It is within the stomping grounds of the lettered, the brilliant and the bitter, that you will find The Recommendations.

Automatic Vaudeville Studios is proud to present The Recommendations, a dramatic, taboo-shattering fictional documentary.

It's the story of Gordon Gary Ross, a well-below-average writer who just can't catch a break. It's the story of Rivka Levy, Ross's long-suffering wife, who has to muster up the courage to choose herself. It's the story of Phillip Swan, the brilliant young novelist whose debut novel Susannah's Wake has rocketed to the top of the charts, leaving a trail of envy and bitterness behind. It's the story of Deborah Beach, a renowned literary editor who'd seen it all... or so she thought. It's the story of Glen Klaus, a shady entrepreneur with connections to the dark arts.

But above all, it's the story of The Recommendations, and of five simple words that will haunt you long after you leave the theatre.

When Susannah's Wake hits the bestseller list, the Montreal literary community comes together to applaud this brilliant young talent. But one man isn't clapping. Gordon Gary Ross, a failed novelist himself, shocks the community with a stunning accusation of plagiarism. From there, Ross descends into a spiral of revenge that climaxes with an act of unthinkable brutality.

The Recommendations, dir. Owen/Perlmutter/Slutsky. 55 unbelievable minutes. Shot on DV.