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To our noble friends in the fifth estate.

Herein you'll find links to press materials large and small, containing any possible information you might need about Automatic Vaudeville, its Hi-Class Picture Show, The Recommendations, and all sorts of crazy stuff.

If you're looking for information on The Recommendations, our screenings, and us, check out our handy press kit in PDF form (if for some reason your computer has trouble with PDFs, email us and we'll hook you up): Recommendations Press Kit

Watch the trailer for The Recommendations here! (QT, 2MB)

Read the exciting cover story on us in Toronto's NOW magazine here! Incidentally, that's a link to the online version--for a much nicer downloadable PDF of the article and all its trappings, click here (warning: 3MB file).

And here are some other downloadable press clippings that you might like to read:

"Invoking Hollywood Glory On A Nickel and Dime," by Murray White, Toronto Star, Feb 9, 2005. JPEGS: Page 1 Page 2 Link to article on Star site

A nice review of The Recommendations by John Colbourne of the Globe & Mail: JPEG Link to article on Globe site

"There's No People Like Show People: Montreal's Automatic Vaudeville Studios Tries to Make a Decision," Maisonneuve, No. 11, 2004. Big JPEGS: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4

"Odd-o-matic!" by Rupert Bottenberg, Montreal Mirror, Nov. 28, 2002. JPEG Link to article on Mirror site

"Here's Looking at Them" by Matthew Woodley, Montreal Mirror, Nov. 20, 2003. JPEG Link to article on Mirror site

"A Nickel for Histoire de Pen" (this is kind of pushing it, but check the second graf), Playback, Aug. 18, 2003. JPEG

If you're looking for images to brighten up your publication, sample some of the pics below. All are big and beautiful.

Here's (l-r) Mark Slutsky, Seth W. Owen, and Daniel Perlmutter, Heads of Talent, Development, and Production, respectively. JPEG (Photo credit: Benjamin Pimental) And psst--here's a signed version for your wall! JPEG

Here's Mark Slutsky in The Recommendations.TIFF JPEG (Photo credit: Daniel Perlmutter)

Here's Daniel Perlmutter in The Recommendations. TIFF JPEG (Photo credit: Mark Slutsky)