Welcome friends and well-wishers to the newly-relaunched digital domain of Automatic Vaudeville Studios! We're ever so excited to make this bold launch into the frontier of the future! Join us on this paradigm-shattering adventure and visit autovaud.com regularly for news, movie info and–of course–that shameless
self-promotion that is our everlasting trademark!

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Automatic Vaudeville’s first ever DVD collection is now available! YOUR HI-CLASS DVD VOL. 1 assembles the studio’s very best comedies – Spanked: The Ron Friendly Story, Young Cons, Hot Sausage! and the strange-but-true behind-the-scenes epic Here’s Looking At Us: Chapter One: The First Five Years: Automatic Vaudeville 1998-2003: Our Story. Over three hours of entertainment, with director’s commentaries, deleted scenes and much much more, all at the low low price of just $15. Email us for details and order your copy today!




MY STARS: Murray White wrote a nice piece about us in the Toronto Star. Check it out here! Also we did a humourous little piece for the SF Indiefest blog which you can read here. (Feb. 9)

SAN FRANCISCO FOLLIES: Your update today finds the Automatic Vaudeville team deep in the Mission district of San Francisco, as we take part in the lovely & delightful San Francisco Independent Film Festival. Thanks to everyone who came out to our first screening of The Recommendations, and for those who missed it, let us remind you that the film will also be showing at the Women's Building Auditorium on Saturday, February 12, at 4:30PM.

We're also showing the flick at the World of Comedy Festival in Toronto next week, on Thursday, February 10 at the Innis Town Hall theatre. Check out what the Globe and Mail had to say about us in this story on the festival. (If that link has expired, let us shamelessly quote writer Scott Colbourne here: "...We're actually looking forward to the Thursday-evening offering: Automatic Vaudeville Studios, a fancy name for three slightly unhinged young filmmakers operating out of Montreal, will unveil The Recommendations, a one-hour film about two would-be novelists, an act of plagiarism and a savage beating. No one is quite sure what the AVS boys are up to -- they could be saving forgotten film styles, mocking them, or both -- but their idiosyncratic creations are worth a night out, especially in mirthless February." Also the Toronto Sun called us "hot!" My stars!

Stay tuned for more info and amusing photographs and all sorts of crazy crap. (Feb. 7)

NEW YEAR! NEW FUN! NEW NEWS!: So much to say... where to start? Well for one, Automatic Vaudeville Studios would like to wish our fans, readers, and potential patrons a very Happy New Year. So, Happy New Year! And we've got two exciting announcements to make... First off, we're going to be presenting a shameful handfull of movies at the Main Hall (5390 St-Laurent) on January 27, in an event we are appropriately dubbing SCHANDFEST. Screened will be Seth W. Owen's long-awaited Apartment Complex, as well as Schandfilm Zwei, the second entry in our controversial Schandcycle. Plus: a raffle!

And if that wasn't enough, The Recommendations has been accepted to the highly rockin' San Francisco Independent Film Festival, taking place in early February. Screening times and locations are still TBA, but we'll let you know as soon as we know!

THANK YOU HOGTOWN!: Thanks to everyone who came out the big show at the Drake last Tuesday; we were thrilled with the reception Toronto gave us and can't wait to come back. To everyone who contributed their services and support, big big thanks. The Drake was everything one could want in a venue and the staff went beyond the call of duty in being friendly and accomodating. We love all of you. And for anyone who couldn't get in at the door, we assure you further shows and whatnot are in the works. (And a special reminder--you can relive all the fun and excitement over and over again the comfort of your own living room with a copy of our attractively-priced Hi-Class DVD, which contains stuff mostly never seen in Toronto ever before! The perfect gift for the holiday season!)

"NOW" WE'RE TALKING: Not to sound too overly self-promoting (even though that's pretty much what this page is for), but AVS is thrilled to announce its presence on the cover of Toronto's prestigious NOW magazine this week (the November 25 issue). Read all about us! Special big shout-out to writer Dylan Young, who did a terrific job of capturing what we're all about, and to photographer Christian Fleury, who shot the cover and inside photos. Click here to read the story—or, if the story is what led you here, welcome.

OVERTURE OVERDRIVE: We've updated our Grand Overture/opening montage! Check it here: QuickTime (5MB)

A BRIEF RECOMMENDATION: Watch the new teaser-trailer for our hit film The Recommendations here: QuickTime (2MB)

AUTUMNAL AVS UPDATE: Gears are whirring, hearts are racing, and the "chatter level" is high here at Automatic Vaudeville, as the days grow shorter and we enter the heart of our traditionally busy fall season.

The big news is our massive, unprecedented TORONTO EDITION of the HI-CLASS PICTURE SHOW, taking place at Hogtown's glamourous, much gabbed-about Drake Hotel (1150 Queen West). Automatic Vaudeville is proud to be a part of the Drake's much ballyhooed "Notes From the Underground" series, which was recently singled out by NOW in its "Best of Toronto" issue. This exciting, exciting event will take place on Tuesday, November 30, in the classy, cavernous Drake Underground. Doors open at 8pm, and entry is a measly $5. You can expect to see some of our latest and best, including the award-worthy literary fictional documentary comedy The Recommendations. We're also terribly proud to present tap-dance/keyboard duo Big Gold Hoops and Kosher Dill Spears.

And--just between us--plans are currently in the works for a special Montreal screening later in the fall!

"POP" GOES THE STUDIO: Automatic Vaudeville was proud to be part of the transcendent Pop Montreal festival in late September. After working on it around the clock, we premiered our new short film SCHANDFILM, with live musical accompaniment from Mile End's enigmatic, press-shy Schandkollektief. Expect Schandfilm Zwei, the next installment in our "Schand Cycle," any day now.

HOT SEPTEMBER UPDATE: Our minds and hearts are brimming over. First was the excitement of the Toronto International Film Festival, at which we didn't necessarily present our hot new feature The Recommendations, but let us tell you, the buzz was buzzing!

And now comes the premiere of what may be Automatic Vaudeville's most shocking work of film art ever: the shattering, spectacular SCHANDFILM. Sex! Death! Despair! With a stunning live musical soundtrack, Schandfilm will be shown on Saturday, Oct. 2 at The Nest (3673 St-Dominique) at 8pm as part of the ever-growing, ever-exciting Pop Montreal festival, which itself is running September 29 - October 3. Check out some rock 'n' roll while you're at it.

And there's even more to get all psyched up about! Automatic Vaudeville is featured in the new issue of Montreal cultural mag Maisonneuve, in a humourous four-part spread revealing some very secret communications between studio brass. Pick up a copy today. It's actually a very good issue with lots of interesting articles. (We liked the Margaret Atwood interview, the story about "fixers," and the punk rock bowling piece. Also the Terry Eagleton article was good. The one about him, not the one by him.)

OLDER NEWS, ARCHIVED FOR THE AGES: Automatic Vaudeville was proud to present the UK premiere of our latest picture, The Recommendations, at London's glamourous Frontline Club, on June 12, 2004. The screening went marvellously; thank you all for coming and sharing your thoughts, laughter, and tears.

And a very special thanks to all who assisted with and attended our two-night Springtime Spectacular Hi-Class Picture Show at Montreal’s Sala Rossa. The show featured the World Premieres of The Recommendations, The Prisoner of Zenda, Spy Lonesome: Microfilm 1 and more. It was, by all accounts, a roaring success. We’ll be taking the show on the road to Toronto sometime in September.

TO BE TAKEN WITH A GRAIN OF SALT, ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING THE DATES MENTIONED: The Sophisticated Detectives Musical will be shooting in Montreal late summer and early fall. If you can sing and dance and want to be in the pictures, contact us without fail by email and we’ll get you up on the silver screen!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next Hi-Class Picture Show with sparkling new entertainments and all the fancy trimmings, Winter 2004.

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