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The Latest & Greatest from Automatic Vaudeville Studios

The Clock Strikes Doom (10min. MiniDV/Super-8: 2005)
Dir: D. S. Perlmutter
Starring: Eric Hart, Vanessa Johnson
Terror builds with each tick of the clock.
The thrilling adventure of George Stone, who gets more than he bargained for when he answers a personal ad. Suddenly, his world is turned upside-down as he suffers from a series of bizarre and startling attacks. This picture re-teams director Perlmutter with star Hart, who have previously worked together on The Southside 5, The Underworld Broadcasts and The Prisoner of Zenda. Featuring a stand-out performance from Vanessa Johnson as Sylvia, the femme fatale who steals George Stone’s heart.

Schandfilm Drei (6 min: Mini-DV: 2005)
Dir: Otto Vaude
Music by the Schandkollektief
Starring: Louis Pearson, Laura Wills, Raf Katigbak, Nadia Moss, Liane Balaban, Dan Seligman, Seth W. Owen, Mark Slutsky, Daniel Perlmutter, Sharon Eisman, "Stu," and the East Van Porn Collective.
The third installment of Automatic Vaudeville's thrilling, chilling, scandalous and controversial Schandcycle is its most outrageous yet. A literal, figurative, emotional, political and above all erotic labyrinth, Schandfilm Drei is a Pandora's Box of a film, a charged "shot across the bows" with repercussions that should be felt for years.


The Recommendations
For more on our stellar new fictional documentary, see our special section on The Recommendations.

Apartment Complex (65 min: Mini-DV: 2004)
Dir. S.W. Owen
Music by Nadia Moss and Jessica Moss
Starring Seth W. Owen, Daniel Perlmutter, Laura Wills, Mark Slutsky, Eric Digras, Laura Perlmutter, Chad Jones, Nadia Moss, Jessica Moss and Jenna Wright.
Seth W. Owen’s disturbing “vanity” picture Apartment Complex appears to finally have been completed, after many months of nervous hemming and hawing from its director and star. Owen put the project “on hiatus” to dedicate his full attention to Microfilm 1 and The Recommendations, but he now assures us that Apartment Complex has finally been finished, and should be ready for a big Fall premiere with all the fancy trimmings. The film, which was shot two summers ago and takes place primarily in the filmmaker’s apartment, is said to be “unsettling.” The faux diary of an increasingly unhinged director named Seth W. Owen, the film veers uneasily from “making of” to horror film, disturbing the viewer with pore-heavy close-ups of Mr. Owen and a lurking air of malevolence.


The AVS hits of the future! AVS suggests a fun “time killer” – try and figure out which of these films we’ll actually make!

Sophisticated Detectives: The Musical!
Musical mystery
The Stars: Nadia Moss, Seth W. Owen, Mark Slutsky, Sarah Febbraro & A Cast of Thousands.
The Skinny: When performers of a popular nightclub revue keep winding up murdered, the manager calls in a favour from those high-kicking cousins in crime-solving and before you can say “That’s Entertainment!” Jack and Vel are hot on the heels of “The Chorus Girl Killer!”
The Scoop:
That’s right, folks, AVS is making a musical! A great big toe tapping, chorus girls n’ big production numbers kinda musical, and the best news of all is that it’s a very Sophisticated musical with your favorite detectives, Monterey Jack & Velveeta Duvet. Production delays, however, have many murmuring about another Sophisticated disaster in the making.
The Bottom Line: A Sophisticated Detective might be needed to figure out when this movie’s getting made.

The Road to Me
Emotional drama of self-discovery
The Stars: Mark Slutsky, Nick Robinson, Laura Wills.
The Skinny: A meek widower (Slutsky) and his tough brother-in-law (Robinson) travel across the country in a ramshackle van to put their recently deceased wife and sister’s ashes to rest in sunny California. Both become emotionally attached to the scrappy hitchhiker (Wills) on her way to an extreme sports competition.
The Scoop: An overt grab at Otto gold, with possible noms all around. Slutsky is apparently the “me” of the title, while Robinson is virtually unrecognizable in a bushy, luxuriant beard.
The Bottom Line: Definitely on “the road” to the Ottos.

The Bee’s Needs
Apiary melodrama
The Stars: Joe Cobden, Sarah Musgrave, Raf Katigbak
The Skinny: Scion of beekeeping dynasty (Cobden) is really afraid of bees and wasps._
The Scoop: There’s a lot of expectations placed on your head when you’re the only heir to a proud family dynasty. Aaron Belletrappeur IX, played by Joe Cobden, knows this all too well. For generations, the Belletrappeurs have proudly maintained their status as the most distinguished beekeepers of Morgana Valley. Naturally, Aaron is expected to continue this tradition, but there’s one problem: bees scare the shit out of him. To add to his dilemma, his sneaky cousin Angelo (Katigbak) is angling for the title of Chief Apiast and his family’s affections! It’s up to Aaron—with the help of his violin teacher Teresa (Musgrave)—to overcome his fears and assume his rightful mantle.
The Bottom Line: The “buzz” on this one is as sweet as “honey”!

Dialing Di
Supernatural romantic comedy
The Stars: Lorna Wright, Louis Pearson, Daniel Perlmutter.
The Skinny: A wise old hobo (Perlmutter) sells a magical phone to an unlucky-in-love receptionist (Wright) – a phone with a direct line to the ghost of Princess Di.
The Scoop: A star-making performance from Wright is said to be in the cards, but what will audiences make of Princess Di’s ghost doling out relationship advice?
The Bottom Line: Could be a "royal" disaster.
Talking to Tina
Feminist CanCon
The Stars: Thea Metcalfe, Vanessa Matsui, Laura Perlmutter
The Skinny: A fashion magazine editor dishes with her gal pals in a swanky ladies room.
The Scoop: Based on the smash-hit play that swept the Canadian theater scene, Talking To Tina is finally hitting the big screens. This outrageous comedy ain’t afraid to tell it like it is when it comes to the sex life of single women. Whether it’s diaphragms, pregnancy tests, or ‘the rules’ if you want straight-talk than you should be Talking To Tina.
The Bottom Line: A little dated.

Horror sequel
The Stars: Laura Wills, Nick Robinson, Thea Metcalfe.
The Skinny: In a hysteria-plagued future, a young psychic and an unhinged police detective must confront terrors both real and imagined as they do battle with both monsters and government conspiracies.
The Scoop: Pablo Norway’s long awaited sequel to AVS horror classic Hysteria 3000 is apparently more ambitious, more mysterious and yes, more terrifying than 3000, with the original cast all back for more. Apparently lays the groundwork for the final film in the trilogy, Hysteria 9000.
The Bottom Line: Fans will become hysterical if they have to wait long.