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Monday, May 21, 2007

The power of... The Power of Me!

Automatic Vaudeville recently teamed with Toronto "super-producer" Geoffrey Siskind and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to produce two pilots for a potentially "huge" radio show. The Power of Me was intended to provide a wealth of insight and information about self-improvement in the modern age, and was inspired in large part by the psycho-sexuo-spiritual teachings of its host, Dr. Kenneth Clarkshaw. The CBC didn't go for it. Apparently they thought it "wouldn't play in Peoria*," so to speak. Available now for the first time are those two "lost pilots," which we will be releasing one at a time... Enjoy, and look forward to more exciting Power of Me projects in the future!

And now, an Important Message from Dr. Kenneth Clarkshaw:


The Power of Me may have failed to spread its wings and soar through the miracle of radio waves and satellite rays, or what have you, but the potency -- and importance -- of its message is still very much "up in the air." Which is not to say "undecided" but rather "airborne," and very much alive.
The Power of Me may have proved too "controversial" for a mainstream institution like the CBC, but it's that very same controversial spirit that makes it absolutely necessary for you and yours to incorporate my Power of Me mental technologies into your life. Happily, the book that started it all -- The Power of Me -- is set to become available in North America in the near future, after years of problems with the publishing "establishment." This is all thanks, of course, to the miracle of the Interweb, and various foreign backers. The foreign backers have proved especially gracious, and have proven time and time again that "terrorist" really is just another label. Bottom line is they really seem to "get it." And now you'll get it, too: exactly what is coming to you... ENLIGHTENMENT.
Plus, a wonderful line of Power of Me products, including audio, video, kitchen ware and (fingers crossed) an exclusive selection of e-greeting cards.
Enjoy these never-before-heard episodes of what might be the most important radio broadcast you'll ever hear. Open your ears, your heart, and your mind. Also, maybe you want to take off your pants.

All my love,
Dr. Kenneth Clarkshaw

Click here to download the first Power of Me lost pilot episode.

* Regina, actually.