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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Automatic Podville!

UPDATE: We've been added to the iTunes Music Store! If you use iTunes 4.9+ and would like to subscribe to Automatic Podville, just click here and wait for iTunes to open, then click the "subscribe" button on the page it loads.

Automatic Vaudeville is proud to introduce Automatic Podville, our latest endeavour. Automatic Podville is one of those newfangled podcast thingies, which basically means it's a short radio program produced by us which you can download and listen to on your computer or portable music device, like an iPod. Each week we'll deliver movie-flavoured hilarity straight to your virtual "door"!

Here's how it works: if you use a recent version of iTunes (that'd be iTunes 4.9 and up, or any other music program that supports podcasts, or just an RSS reader), you can simply subscribe to Automatic Podville and each week iTunes will automatically download the latest episode, which you can listen to right then and there, or transfer to your magical music machine.

If you don't use a recent version of iTunes or other compatible player, you can simply download an MP3 straight from our server with the provided link, and add the file to whatever music library you happen to be using.

So why not get right down to it? Our inaguaral podcast deals with the excitement and glamour of "Awards Season," from the recent Golden Globe Awards to the upcoming Oscars.

If you use iTunes 4.9+ and/or have an iPod click-wheel or up (like an iPod nano, an iPod photo, or iPod video), you'll want to subscribe to the Enhanced Podcast, with pictures and chapter markings and stuff. Select and copy this link:


Head on over to iTunes and click on the "Podcasts" thingy on the left-hand sidebar thingy. Then go up to the "Advanced" menu at the top of the screen and click on "Subscribe to Podcast..." Now, copy the link you just copied into the window that pops up. It's that easy!

If your music player doesn't support Enhanced Podcasts but you still want to subscribe, select and copy this link:


Now, if you're using iTunes 4.9+, head on over there and click on the "Podcasts" thingy on the left-hand sidebar thingy. Then go up to the "Advanced" menu at the top of the screen and click on "Subscribe to Podcast..." Now, copy the link you just copied into the window that pops up. It's that easy!

If you're not using iTunes, you'll have to consult your music program's documentation. And if you're using an earlier version, see below.

And if all of this makes no sense to you whatsoever...

Right-click (or control-click if you're using a Mac) on this link and choose "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." or "Download Link to Disk" to download our first episode. There you go!

We hope you enjoy Automatic Podville and we'd love your feedback. Write us at autovaud at gmail dot com (sorry, we have to spell it out to avoid spam), and if you enjoy the podcast, hey, why not pass it along to your dear friends?

We'll be seeing you... in cyberspace.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


As we boldly step forward into 2006 let us take a moment to reflect upon the year that was. For Automatic Vaudeville Studios 2005 saw many exciting developments: A new DVD (Hi-Class DVD Vol. II, on sale now,) a new slate of pictures (Who Killed Dracula, The Clock Strikes Doom, Schandfilm Drei,) and many wild adventures. But perhaps the best way to chart the year is by taking a look at Automatic Vaudeville's Idea Book.

The Idea Book, introduced in 1998, is an collection of ideas for movies to which all are welcome to contribute. Maybe you just have a great name for a movie or an idea for a scene. Whatever the case, send it along and we'll include it in the big book.

Below are some of the best Idea's from Automatic Vaudeville Studios' IDEA BOOK 2005:

A down on her luck dance teacher gets a once in a lifetime chance when she's chosen to compete in a national dance competition. What she doesn't know, though, is that an evil real estate mogul has developed the perfect Dancing Machine. Can our young hero dance her way out of this one or will the robot be doing the mambo in the winner's circle.

Two children who enjoy poking people with pins befriend each other and escape to a magical world ruled by balloons.

Two top chefs - a dude and a babe - face off in an iron chef style showdown. Later they fuck.

An animated musical about a dog who is also a wino.

A robot jeweler solves crimes. Action packed. Think Lovejoy meets Blade Runner.

Male romance/adventure.

TEEN TINY TOE (alternate title: Tony Toe Teen)
A teenager with a tiny "toe" faces a number of humiliations.

Every night a young man dreams of sailing a beautiful yacht to a mystical land. One night he dreams of a beautiful woman with an even more magnificent boat. He is determined to find her in his waking life. But she is not who he thinks...

Behind the scenes in Vegas as aspiring poker champs try to make it big. The "Gross Anatomy" of poker movies.

A high-strung man on vacation is mistaken for a war correspondent and taken by a Fixer into all sorts of Hot Zones and tricky situations.

An African ghost trapped in a bar of soap fights for gender equality in the bloody diamond trade.

A secret government agency recruits the dead to do their dirty work overseas. It seems like the perfect plan until one of the ghosts falls in love with a Muslim extremist.

And that's the year that was. Remember to send in your ideas to be included in the 2006 edition of Automatic Vaudeville Studios Idea Book!

Have A Happy New Year!