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Friday, September 23, 2005

Back in business

Well, the Toronto International Film Festival is over, and we're back... a little older, a little wiser, a little hungoverer. Team AVS had a blast on the streets of the Big Smoke, whether we were chatting up B-list celebrities, consuming vast quantities of free hors d'ouevres, or otherwise embarrassing ourselves. And the movies! Oh, the movies. It was all about our innocent and all-consuming love of cinema this year, as some of us made it out to an astounding two movies!

Yes indeed it was a busy time. But we are thrilled to be back; our friends at POP Montreal are gearing up for the latest installment of their action-packed fest, starting next week. We're proud to present the premiere of our harrowing latest Schandcycle episode, Schandfilm Drei, at the Film POP segment of the festival. That'll be showing at Le Cabinet (3810 St-Laurent) on Saturday, October 1, 11:30PM.

In possible even bigger news, Automatic Vaudeville is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Maisonneuve magazine, which is launching its online boutique this month. We're thrilled to be selling our Hi-Class DVDs through this fine retailer. To purchase one, or to just check out the online store, click here.

...And speaking of DVDs, we're equally thrilled to announce Your Hi-Class DVD Vol. 2, out this month. With even more special features and behind-the-scenes goodies than the first disc, this is the must-have stocking stuffer/birthday gift/severance-package bonus/frat-party staple of the season. Watch this space for updates--we're rollin' these babies out soon!

Now, some photos from our week of TIFF madness...

Friday, September 02, 2005

We're having a TIFF!

The rumours are all true.

Automatic Vaudeville Studios is going to the Toronto International Film Festival, which runs September 8th through the 17th.

I imagine many questions will be running through your mind right now... Will The Recommendations be the Opening Night Gala or the Closing Night Gala? Will the Schandkollektief be performing LIVE at the late night screening of Schandfilm?

Let me put your mind at ease. Automatic Vaudeville has opted not to screen any of its wares at the festival, as we do not want the other invited filmmakers to feel inadequate, like their life's work has been effortlessly trumped by those "koo-koo kids from Montreal." It happens all the time - people have a look at our work and they start sobbing, uncontrollably. Which is unfortunate, because much of our work is comedic in tone, and what we're really looking for there is laughter.


We are going to the Toronto International Film Festival. Why? Because we love cinema. Because we were raised there, which means we can probably get a load of laundry done on the cheap. Because, in a strange turn of events, we will be reporting from TIFF's red carpets and exclusive parties for a sinister cabal of boutique hotels and television networks.

So look for us there! We'll give you a DVD and an awkwardly long hug. And if you're lucky, we'll go see a movie with you and get to some hot n' heavy making out.

Check here for exciting updates, and see you at the festival!

Your friend in entertainment,
Automatic Vaudeville Studios

P.S. Here's a picture of us so you know what we look like.