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Automatic Vaudeville Studios is an independent movie studio based in Montreal, Quebec. Since 1998, Automatic Vaudeville has been pushing the envelope in underground cinema and live amusement, creating a diverse array of over 50 short films. Relying on a talented repertory company of amateurs and professionals alike, the studio has created an inspired catalogue of lunacy and artistic experimentation. The AVS canon includes everything from monster movies to musicals, from avant-garde events like the acclaimed Schandcycle to fascinating fictional documentaries like The Recommendations (see our Productions section for the full skinny on all). Now expanding its repertoire to include radio projects and feature film entertainment, Automatic Vaudeville prides itself on creating old fashioned entertainment for the modern age.


To say that Montreal’s Automatic Vaudeville Studios irrevocably changed movies and the way we love them may be stretching it. More likely, however, such a statement may in fact hit the nail right on the head. In a province still haunted by the “Quiet Revolution” it seems a cinematic revolution has been happening, quietly.

Automatic Vaudeville's earliest inception was in a rickety loft on St. Laurent Boulevard, above breakfast institution Bagel Etc. It was there that Seth W. Owen and Daniel Perlmutter launched this crazed enterprise, in the company of Miss Jessica Moss and Mr. Eric Digras. Shooting on a beat-up old video camera and editing with two VCRs, AVS sprung into action, vowing to make a picture a week. The mandate was put into action on crisp October eve with the seminal fright flick When the Hippies Get Killed. More were soon to follow. Many more. This was the age of the Tomato Boys, of our German expressionist horror film Bluebeard, of the western classic He Killed for Love, the gangster pic The Southside 5, and many other beloved gems made in an enthusiastic display of community spirit. The Hi-Class Picture Show was born in our very own living room, packed to the gills with curious cinephiles. And so it began…

As the years have rolled by, Automatic Vaudeville has continued to evolve. Mark Slutsky signed on as Head of Talent. The Old VCRs were exchanged for a fancy shmancy on-line editing suite. The days of the old loft have passed... though our latest studio has found us back in the heart of Montreal’s plateau, after a stint in Park-Ex. Automatic Vaudeville has now made over 50 short films, and is continuing its mad dash for world domination.


The show must go on! Since AVS first opened their doors these five words have been the guiding principle, the mantra that keeps this studio machine rolling. And when we say show we mean SHOW. Harking back to the days of yore, when a nickel would get you two features in a movie palace fit for a king, Automatic Vaudeville's Hi-Class Picture Shows offers all the glitz and glamour once associated with a night at the movies. We're talking previews, serials, cartoons, newsreels, live acts like tap dancers and monologuists, musicians and gorillas, the latests in interactive technologies (Choose-O-Rama and, more recently, Solve-O-Rama) and, of course, movies, lots of movies. Your Hi-Class Picture Show is an evening not to be missed.



The best of Automatic Vaudeville is currently available on Your High Class DVDs, Vol. 1 & 2. Vol. 1 focuses on the rough hewn yuk-fests that defined much of our early existence, including such underseen gems as Young Cons, Spanked, and Hot Sausage!, as well as the definitive documentary Automatic Vaudeville presents A Perspectives Series Production: "Here's Looking At Us" The Automatic Vaudeville Story: Chapter One: The Early Years: Automatic Vaudeville 1998-2003: Our Story. Vol. 2 collects our latest & best, including The Recommendations, the "award-winning" Schandfilm, and the action-packed The Prisoner of Zenda. Both of these handsome DVD-Rs are jam packed with invigorating extras, such as commentaries, featurettes and original art work. To order your very own, please contact us for more information at info (at) autovaud (dot) com.


Head of Development
Seth W. Owen is a noted author, auteur, actor, emcee, talk show host and celebrated curmudgeon whose films with Automatic Vaudeville include Hot Sausage!, Apartment Complex and The Recommendations. He recently collaborated with artist Nadia Moss on the short film What They Ate, and serves as programming director for the Film Pop festival in Montreal.

Head of Production
From his award-worthy turns in front of the camera on productions as varried as Tomato Boys Die Young and Dancing With Myself to his notorious behind the scenes antics on films like Sophisticated Detectives and The Daily News, Perlmutter can be counted on to "bring it." Along with his writing, directing and producing work with Automatic Vaudeville, Perlmutter has also worked as a writer and story editor on several children's shows and has had several feature scripts optioned.

Head of Talent
Noted bon vivant and adventurer Slutsky has had his turn both behind and front of the camera, in films like The Recommendations, Approach to the Castle, The Successor and lost epics like Obtained Covenants Two: Son of Psychic Cat (a notorious production that was the subject of the documentary exposé The Cat's in the Bag). Slutsky is also a journalist, DJ, and shutterbug, in addition to his duties as Film Editor at Montreal alt-weekly the Mirror.


For the whole astounding story of our movie-mad history, be sure to check out Automatic Vaudeville presents Here’s Looking at Us: Chapter One: The First Five Years: Automatic Vaudeville 1998-2004: Our Story, currently available on Your Hi-Class DVD Volume 1.