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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Autumnal Endeavours

The fall has always been a season dear to our hearts here at Automatic Vaudeville Studios, a season that often finds us in a heightened state of filmic frenzy, preparing High Class Picture Shows and Halloween parties, prepping our latest masterworks, jumping into piles of leaves... And while, alas, our absence from the live arena continues indefinitely, and the annual halloween bash seems undone by the very in-construction state of our new studio at the Old Hotel, we are indeed hard at work on a number of smashing new entertainments....

Daniel Perlmutter's HD-riffic Beware of Dog (pictured above) is currently in post-production and eagerly anticipated; we are hard at work on our magnum opus Peepers; and general YouTubery abounds: Our Montreal Story (in parts One and Two) is currently on view... Seth Owen's 10 New Films for 10 Old Years has kicked off with the teen-angst mini-epic Get Off My Back!... and a newly rediscovered curio entitled The Amazing Party has just emerged from the Automatic Archive for all to see....



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