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Monday, June 20, 2005


Automatic Vaudeville has just announced plans to film an adaptation of Leo Nikoleyevich Tolstoy’s great work Anna Karenina. The project is to be helmed by D. S. Perlmutter, who plans to bring to the screen all of the book's passion, romance, and philosophies on collective farming. But of course the big question now is: who will play Anna?

“We must find an actress so stunning that her face would send even the most conservative gentlemen to break with certain social mores," Perlmutter declared at a recent press junket.

To that end Automatic Vaudeville is launching the largest star search since Selznick set out to find his Scarlett. As you read this, representatives are being sent out to the four corners of the globe to search for our Anna.

Think you’re perfect for the part? Let us know. All serious offers will be considered. Stay tuned for further information on this and other Automatic Vaudeville productions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicole Kidman would be perfect

4:31 PM  

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