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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Krangor Diaries Take Off!

Mark Slutsky's often humourous, often insightful "behind-the-scenes" series of articles, The Krangor Diaries, gets a high-tech makeover this week with the very first video edition of the Diaries.

As is standard, the latest installment continues to chronicle Slutsky's obsessive quest to make Krangor: Legend of the Galaxy, an effects-heavy sci-fi extravaganza about a pair of spaceships who plan to wed at the centre of the galaxy. And as always, The Krangor Diaries are exclusive to Screen Test, which in addition to providing a home to Automatic Vaudeville communiqu├ęs, groundbreaking film criticism and sundry ephemera, has fast become THE virtual clubhouse for Krangor fans. Why not join in the fun?


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