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Monday, April 04, 2005

Announcing... Your 2005 Hi-Class Picture Show Line-Up! (pt.1)

Lots of hustle, bustle, chatter, and chit-chat at the studio today, as in an EPIC meeting, proposals for the 2005 Hi-Class Picture line-up were presented and greenlit. Below is a special sneak peek, though you're going to have to wait a little longer to get the scoop on our heavily-guarded, TOP-SECRET "Main Attraction:"

Johnny Idaho in "The Dead Don't Die," Episode One: Trouble Is as Trouble Does: Fans of Seth W. Owen's beloved series of detective stories will be delighted to learn that their favourite dick is finally making the transition to the big screen in this tale of free jazz, girls gone wild, and murder.

Krangor: Legend of the Galaxy: The epic tale of two spaceships in love. Viewers will be drawn into the strange world of the distant future, complete with robots, aliens, and the biggest wedding in the history of the galaxy!

Defender of the Universe: Radio Ranch returns with this terrifying, sexy new shocker. Featuring a sensational twist that'll make M. Night Shyamalan roll over in his bed!

Stay tuned for more information on these groundbreaking projects--cast announcements, production updates, and more! Check Screen Test regularly for special sneak peaks and behind-the-scenes treats!


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