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Monday, March 28, 2005

Springtime, Shame, and The Future of Cinema...

The Place: The musky, darkened board room of Automatic Vaudeville Studios.
The Time: The wee small hours of the morning.
The What-now: After many long hours of pacing around the room with rolled up sleeves and furrowed brows, decisions are made... Decisions that will affect not just Montreal’s most major micro movie studio but the very heart and soul of cinema itself.

Schandball is no more. There, it has been said. We’re sorry. We’re deeply, deeply ashamed. In providing you, our dear and beloved audience, with the very best in independent motion picture entertainment and spectacle, sacrifices had to be made. Chief among those sacrifices is the cancellation of our upcoming Schand-fest, where Schandfilm Drei was to be unveiled amidst much depraved fanfare. Schandfans will have to wait (not long, o’ Shameful ones!) for the next exciting installment of this increasingly audacious art “sensation,” but as with every dark cloud there is most certainly a silver lining….

Automatic Vaudeville Studios is proud to announce a bold and bustling new calendar of events… Though the dates, times and venues have yet to be announced, this much is known: Summertime will see a grand and glorious launch party for Your Hi-Class DVD Volume 2, with festival favorite The Recommendations, The Prisoner of Zenda, and much much more. The event will also feature the unveiling of brand new prevues (see article below) and some scintillating cinematic surprises.

If that were not excitement enough, there has been a most major confirmation: Your Hi-Class Picture Show of 2005 will have its gala premiere in the month of November in the glorious city of Montreal, with other shows to follow. This will be, studio sources hint, the Best Picture Show Ever. Expect a major announcement about the Picture Show line-up and AVS Production Schedule as early as next week!

Springtime is here, dear friends… Automatic Vaudeville is embracing this glorious season of renewal and rebirth, and we hope you do the same. Watch the skies!


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