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Saturday, March 05, 2005

"Sauce"-y gossip

Autovaud.com has learned of some, shall we say... intriguing rumours emanating from behind Automatic Vaudeville's usually closed doors.

Portions of a memo recently authored by top studio brass--marked "for internal studio use ONLY"--have leaked to autovaud.com in past days, and we can reveal that if what they seem to imply is true, AVS may be considering a return to a franchise not seen since the turn of the millenium: the notorious, controversial, crowd-pleasing Tomato Boys.

If the memo is to be believed, AVS management has been unsatisfied with the studio's most recent trailer output. "While we have honed them technically to the point of near-mastery," the document reads, "some of the larfs have been lost." The solution, according to the memo's mysterious, sexy author? "[To] revive the comic energy of the Tomato Boys..." (The excerpt ends at this point, leading some to comment that perhaps it is just that--the "comic energy"--that the studio seeks to revise, not the characters themselves. As representatives would not respond to autovaud.com's request for comment, the exact nature of this point remains unclear.) What is clear is that the memo's sexy author outlines four points for consideration in the creation of future trailers: "funny accents," "madcap antics," "de-emphasizing plot," and "continuing characters" (emphasis ours).

What this could all mean is anyone's guess. What is clear, however, is that autovaud.com is on the case. Visit us regularly (and Screen Test, where internal memos are posted with some frequency), as we pursue this exciting story.


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