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Thursday, March 31, 2005

New frontiers in chicanery!

Jason Anderson of Toronto's Eye Weekly has some very nice things to say about us in an article about the Neistat Brothers:
My favourite DVD purchase of the last few months (besides Bum Fights, of course) was Automatic Vaudeville's Hi-Class DVD Vol. 1, which culled highlights from the micro-movie studio's output since 1998 -- see www.autovaud.com. These Montrealers have created a terrific trove of mockumentaries, parodies and Guy Maddin-like homages to cinema's undeservedly discarded genres. At the group's debut Toronto performance at the Drake Hotel last November, the audience was enraptured by two screenings of Schandfilm (a.k.a. "Shamefilm"), a hammy piece of silent-film surrealism that played like a lost collaboration between Maya Deren and Mack Sennett. Schandfilm was accompanied first by the filmmakers' live a cappella score of whoops, coos and shrieks, then by their penetrating commentary on the work's oh-so-provocative symbolism. In this inspired combination of amateur filmmaking and primo live comedy schtick, Automatic Vaudeville suggested what kind of chicanery is possible now that the means of production have become so readily available. It was a moment worthy of the Golden Shears.
Thanks, Jason Anderson!


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