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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A veritable explosion of joy

Well, well, well... Things certainly are changin' here at autovaud.com. Very big things are in the works! You may have noticed the totally new format of our news page--or indeed, of the whole site! Yes, we've redesigned and we're pleased as punch about it. (If you want to check out our old news page, for nostalgia's sake, click here. Expect many exciting updates and additions in the near future!

Oh yeah, and we went to this whole film festival thing! SFIndie 2005 was a wonderful experience for all involved; we got to show The Recommendations to a whole new audience, and we saw some great independent films as well. We also had the pleasure of meeting many of the people behind them, and they are uniformly wonderful and talented people. Highlights included High Life, a terrific ensemble film from Brooklyn, directed by Lila Yomtoob, who keeps a very entertaining blog that you should check out. Made in Secret: The Story of the East Van Porn Collective also blew our domes. Make sure you see both of these movies when they come to a festival near you, as they surely will!

We were not on hand to witness our screening at the World of Comedy International Film Festival, but our marvellous actors were, and word is that our audience was a delight. So thanks all that attended!

More exciting stuff to come soon! A wild-and-woolly party/screening in April! A New York show! More movies! More magic! More Automatic Vaudeville!


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